General Industrial Services, buys copper, copper wire, stainless steel, brass, lead, lead batteries, zinc, aluminum, aluminum cans, titanium, appliances, computers, batteries, cell phones and more. We are confident that we have the highest prices for both small and medium sized lots within the Brant County area. Do not just take our word for it but compare our prices, as we already did.

There are different factors that influence the prices of scrap metal including metal trade on various exchanges around the world. Should you have more than 500 pounds of metal (other than iron), and you would like a personal quote, Call: (519)756-6918.

Because the scrap metal industry is so volatile, prices change daily. General Industrial Services, offers higher prices for larger quantities of scrap.

General Industrial Services, 327 Murray St. PO Box 20004, Brantford, ON. Tel: 519-756-6918
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